There are many physical health benefits to group exercise classes. In addition to these, the chance to socialise with those with shared experiences fosters peer support and is key to reducing the isolation that some people can be faced with. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists love the opportunity to develop a fun atmosphere and supportive networks within our classes.


We currently run 3 different group classes with each class aimed at achieving different goals:


- Hydrotherapy -

- Activate at Reach -

- Energise at Reach -

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are committed to creating group classes that are suitable to each individual. In all of our classes there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and most exercises are self-paced meaning there is no pressure to keep up.


Hydrotherapy provides the opportunity for freedom of movement with a reduced level of pain that often cannot be found when moving on land. At Reach Allied Health we like to encourage enjoyable classes as well as incorporating a wide range of exercises to gain the vast benefits of physical activity. There is ramp access for those with limited mobility and the pool is heated for your comfort.

The benefits to be gained from Hydrotherapy group classes include:


- Reduced pain levels -

 - Increased range of motion -

- Increased circulation -

- Easier movement -

Our hydrotherapy group classes are held at the Lockyer Valley Sports & Aquatic Centre (LVSAC) in Gatton.



Activate at Reach combines the best aspects of Pilates-based exercise, resistance exercise, falls prevention and yoga. Additionally, there is a focus on relaxation and the mental health benefits of exercise to be gained throughout the class. The combination of increasing core strength as well as mobility can be integral in the prevention and management of lower back pain.

The benefits to be gained from Activate at Reach include:


- Increased core strength -

 - Improved mobility -

- Enhanced flexibility -

- Increased balance -

Activate at Reach is held at the clinic inside the Gatton Baptist Church at 12 William St, Gatton.



Energise at Reach has a strong emphasis on resistance training combined with aerobic exercise. It is a full body workout that consists of strength, balance, coordination, and mobility to work on strengthening the supporting muscles around most joints. The aerobic nature of the class also means it's well suited to help with weight management.

The benefits to be gained from Energise at Reach include:

- Increased muscular strength -

- Assists weight management -

- Improved balance -

- Improved coordination -

Energise at Reach is held at the clinic inside the Gatton Baptist Church at 12 William St, Gatton.

Group classes are available for private paying patients or with a valid referral from your GP, diabetics may be eligible for these group classes to be bulk-billed to Medicare.

To talk to an Exercise Physiologist: