Often times a Home Exercise Program can prove the most successful form of exercise for long-term self management and we love to provide this! There are a number of ways we can help you to achieve this.

Individual consultations provide an excellent opportunity to discuss personalised goals and factors affecting your exercise. Some of these factors can include time, equipment access and availability, and your understanding of exercise principles. In your initial consultation we can prescribe a home exercise program for you to complete. Subsequent consultations are able to be utilised as required, to review your progress and adjust your program accordingly. This can be done under an EPC referral or our Privately Paying options.

Alternatively, our group classes are designed in a way that we can teach you exercises and ensure your technique is correct. When confident enough, this will allow you to safely perform these exercises at home and create a routine for you.

*We have exciting equipment packages coming soon that will aid you in the transition to home exercise*

Home visits are a valuable service we offer that is available for those who are unable to attend the clinic or when there is a higher risk associated with leaving their homes.

Please note, an additional visitation fee applies in most circumstances. All pricing will be at the providing practitioners discretion.


Within the boundary specified below this fee will be $10.


Outside of this boundary, the price of the visitation fee will increase depending on the time taken to travel.

0-5 minute travel (if outside the boundary) = $20

5-10 minute travel = $30

10-15 minute travel = $40

15-20 minute travel = $50

20-25 minute travel = $60

25-30 minute travel = $70

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