An estimated 1 million or 5% of Australian adults live with Type II Diabetes. It is often the result of physical inactivity and excess body weight.

Type II Diabetes is most successfully managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle including regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight. At Reach Allied Health our accredited Exercise Physiologists are trained to provide a safe and effective exercise program to aid in the management of this condition.

At Reach Allied Health we utilise both hydrotherapy and land-based resistance training to treat Type II Diabetes. During these sessions, the more muscles that are used, the greater the positive effect that exercise has on blood glucose levels.

A common complication of Type II Diabetes is Peripheral Neuropathy. Circulation is often impacted in those who experience this, so exercise is beneficial as the muscles that are active drive circulation to the limbs. Hydrotherapy adds hydrostatic pressure around the limbs which increases this process further. Falls prevention is an important aspect of managing this complication and this can be achieved with an appropriate exercise program.

The benefits of exercise for those living with Type II Diabetes include:

- Reduced blood glucose levels -

- Increased insulin sensitivity -

- Reduced amount of insulin required -

- Weight management -

- Reduced risk of heart attack -

- Increased circulation -

- Reduced risk of developing co-morbidities -

With a valid referral from your GP, you may be eligible for both education and group exercise sessions bulk-billed to Medicare. Alternate options are available.

To talk to an Exercise Physiologist: