Out of pocket costs


At Reach Allied Health, you do not need a referral to see us however there are out of pocket costs to you. We aim to offer affordable services so everyone can have access to allied healthcare.

Our prices are as follows:

Initial Consultation (45 minutes) - $70

Subsequent Consultation (30 minutes) - $50

Individual Exercise Session (30 minutes) - $50

    *Includes hydrotherapy

Group Classes - up to 12 people (60 minutes) - $15

Group Class Package - 8 classes - $100

    *Includes any combination of our 3 class options


Often a gap payment required

We have HICAPS available and welcome people to claim their Allied Health services on their Private Health Insurance (PHI). Before commencing the exercise physiology management that you plan to claim, we ask that patients check directly with their PHI provider to ensure their level of cover and extras include exercise physiology management. Additionally, patients should check if their cover is for individual or group services as well as the amount of money allocated in that category and the expected rebates.

Please note, due to requirements with invoicing, patients wishing to claim their group services on their PHI will have to pay $15 for each class as they go, rather than purchasing the Group Class Package.


No cost to you


To be eligible for bulk-billed appointments you must have a valid referral from your GP. Referrals are available for those living with chronic conditions including pain.

Individual consultations can be completed under an EPC referral which allows for a maximum of 5 visits spread across many allied health professionals. A further 5 visits are available if you are eligible for the ATSI program.

An additional Type II Diabetes referral is available for those living with Type II Diabetes. This entitles you to an initial consultation and 8 group classes. These can be completed at either hydrotherapy or Energise at Reach classes and is accompanied by education sheets.

You must see your GP to get a referral and they will discuss your eligibility.


No cost to you

A D904 referral is required from your GP to be able to participate in exercise physiology services funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Those with White or Gold cards are subject to the "treatment cycle" which allows for 12 visits per referral. Those who have Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) on their Gold card are eligible for clinically necessary treatment within the time frame listed on their referral.


No cost to you, covered by relevant third party

We can work under a number of other third parties and often times you are able to self-refer or contact us directly. We can communicate with your relevant plan managers or coordinators to ensure the best care for you.


To talk to an Exercise Physiologist: